Participant Resources & Handouts

Greg Hawks – Unlocking an Ownership Culture

Workshop Summary

Greg Hawks PowerPoint slides

LEAD ‘N LEARN and Speaker Event Resources

LEAD ‘N LEARN Batavia- 5-8-19-Bette Lawrence-Water

LEAD FOIA Transparency Handout 4-16-19

LEAD ‘N LEARN Elgin – 3-12-19 – Yvonne Agnello-Adams

You’re Promoted! The New Manager for City of Elgin TO SHARE

Coaching for Improved Performance for City of Elgin TO SHARE

Qualities in a leader list 3-12-19

Qualities of a good coach 3-12-19

Goal Setting – Agnello-Adams 3-12-19

Giving Effective Feedback-Agnello Adams 3-12-19

Creative Ways to Motivate Employees-Agnello Adams 3-12-19