Goals and Components

LEAD Goals:

Understand the intrinsic link between self-development and community success

  • Starting with self-development, we become better leaders. Self-development complements what we have previously learned in the classroom and on the job, enhances our personal competence, creates opportunities for us to become more adaptive and resilient, and helps us meet our objectives, both personally and professionally.
  • By being better leaders, we help to build organizational strength and effectiveness, which provides better service to the community, thereby making the community stronger.
  • Self-development and leadership are needed at all levels of the organization to build a stronger community.

Create a culture of shared learning

  • Using each other as resources, we appreciate what we can teach to, and learn from each other.
  • Networking with other municipal employees at all levels of our organizations is a valuable format for increasing personal and professional knowledge and sharing practical experience.


LEAD provides a variety of learning opportunities for its participants. The  main components are:

“LEAD Presents”–Professional speaker event, usually in the fall ,  comprised of a morning workshop on a variety of topics.

“LEAD ‘N LEARN” – Smaller group learning opportunities sponsored by each LEAD City devoted to topics focused more specifically on a particular skill or employee group.

LEADership Book Club –In person or virtual learning opportunity to discuss the leadership concepts presented in a featured book.

All regularly scheduled part and full-time employees are welcome. Attendance requires supervisor approval and sensitivity to one’s position and work group schedules.